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Be The Highest Ideal Of Yourself


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The Thoughts and Feelings You Have About Yourself Are Not The Real You.

You've been conditioned to believe you're unworthy, unlovable, undeserving, not enough, but the real you is Magnificent, and its time to allow it!  

The biggest problem, when it comes to personal growth, is that most people don't know how to change in a way that brings results...permanent results.

You've been conditioned to believe that beliefs take a long time to change, and that change is hard. 

You've been taught that changing thought patterns, old behaviours, and belief systems is emotionally difficult.

This thinking is as outdated as the technology in the picture!

It’s Time To Let Go Of The Illusion Of Separation …

My journey took me all around the world from churches to monasteries, ashrams, to living with some of the world’s most advanced saints, sages, and masters

I have interviewed metaphysicians, philosophers, neuroscientists, psychologists, cell biologists, physicians and other leading transformational experts. (Some you may have seen in my first award-winning documentary, What If? The Movie)

Along The Way I Discovered What Was Really Holding Me Back & Preventing Me From Becoming My Ideal Self…

Chances are the exact same thing is holding you back ... 

It’s limiting beliefs and not knowing how to be free from them. That's the cause of all suffering.  We all have them, whether we realize it or not, and most people don't know how to eliminate them. Transforming those beliefs is the key to experiencing your magnificent Grand self and living your dream life.     

I’ve realized that my Grand Self, my limitless potential, has always been within me. The same as your Grand Self is within you. It’s our deep subconscious beliefs that are covering it up and keeping it from coming to the forefront.   

With every core limiting belief that you release, more and more of the infinite power you are connected to will automatically shine through. This is how it works for me and how it can work for you as well.

   Currently, my passion and purpose are reaching new heights – and it feels amazing.  We all deserve to claim our inheritance ...You Do Too!   

Learning How To Dissolve My Limiting Beliefs Saved My Life!

 As Seen In The Grand Self Movie Trailer (Below). Worldwide Movie Release Now Playing!

To Help You Dissolve The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back 

& Unleash Your Limitless Potential 

I Have Created ...

Being Your Grand Self Online Program! 

Why This Program is Different Than Anything 

You Have Seen Before: 

You are most likely here because you've tried other self-development courses and programs and you might be thinking, "How is this different?" Perhaps you've tried all kinds of methods to clear your blocks and manifest what you want. 

In the award-winning documentary film, What If? The Movie, cell biologist and former Stanford University Professor, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, tells us that the subconscious mind is like a tape player and we have to press the 'record button' if we want to change

Most programs and courses teach positive thinking. Our program uses scientifically proven methods to press the 'record button' and rewrite our limiting subconscious beliefs. When this is done effectively, we express more of our infinite potential, creating the life we've dreamed of, fulfilling our visions, and realize who we really are!    

You already know that everything you need is within you. Your inner power is there within you right now, it always has been, and it always will be, but you've been conditioned to cover it up. Being Your Grand Self Online Program shows you how to access your infinite storehouse within and express the real you

 The one thing that is holding you back from success and being the highest ideal of yourself is your limiting beliefs, and they are often unconscious.

The key to dissolve your subconscious programming that blocks you from being who you really are, is learning to use your heart and brain in the right way. 

Many of these beliefs, although you're not aware of them, quietly block your effort towards achieving your dreams. 

 The Being Your Grand Self Online Program focuses on teaching you simple, yet incredibly powerful techniques  that quickly and automatically dissolve limitations permanently by reprogramming your subconscious mind in a matter of minutes. And, the techniques revealed in this program have been proven scientifically to work! 


Knowing the Philosophy Will Never Change Your Life … Knowing How to Apply The Knowledge Will Change Your Life In Every Way!! 

After interviewing some of the world's top transformational experts like Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Ph.D, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neal Donald Walsh, Bernie Siegel M.D, Dr. John Demartini, Chris Walton, Ph.D, Dawson Church, Ph.D, along with great saints, sages, and masters like Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I discovered the most powerful methods and techniques of transformation.  

Key Points of What You’ll Learn 

In This Effective Program: 

  • How to move the dial on aligning more with the Infinite power within you
  • How to identify and eliminate negative thought patterns (beliefs) in just minutes that are causing your reality
  • How to become the master of your body and your reality

You are going to be amazed at just how easy it is to get rid of limiting beliefs and change your life when you use the proven techniques outlined in this program. 

You are going to learn how to change using actual scientific techniques and principals. Take a look at more of what you'll learn: 

Latest Science Confirms Change Can Happen In Minutes

Science believed at one time that the brain is hard-wired and a challenge to change. However, this erroneous theory has been outdated for years. 

 Science has proven that In a matter of minutes, any limiting belief, can be transformed, but you must know how, otherwise you'll continue to struggle and think change is difficult. 

 This program shows you how! In an easy to use, step-by-step system, enabling you to awaken to more of your infinite potential.

It Gets Even More Exciting…

Neuroscience & Epi-Genetics Of Change

 Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuro-scientist, from What If? The Movie, along with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, and countless other scientists, confirm that when we repattern our brain, we transform our biology, and we actually remove the neurological evidence of past subconscious conditioning. 

When we effectively change our beliefs our brains get rewired and the new chemical emotions associated with the new beliefs command epigentic changes.   

As this happens we literally become a new person because the old self along with its biology, chemical composition, neurocircuitry and past genetic expression dissolves and is replaced by the new. 

Dissolve The Thoughts and Feelings That Cause You To Feel Bad!

  During the age of 0 -6 we learned a lot about life and ourselves, often with the best intentions, from people who didn't know about their own potential, let alone our potential. 

These ideas entered our subconscious mind as a direct download because our brain was in a highly subconscious state during those ages, in Alpha & Theta brainwaves.   

Being Your Grand Self Online Program retrains your brain by taking you into Theta, Alpha, and even Gamma brainwaves, the ideal state to reprogram yourself in a matter of minutes, proven by science.  

The Biology Of Belief

Physicist, Dr. Hayward, states that your behaviour is an effect of your core beliefs and that these beliefs are controlling your blood, endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, your mind, brain and psychosomatic system.

 We replace 10 million cells every minute and if we replace our limiting beliefs, according to Dawson Church, Phd, and countless scientific studies, we will be sending new epigenetic signals to our cells. We can literally remake our entire bodies.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, states in, What If? The Movie, that our beliefs are controlling our DNA, Genes, Cells, Autonomic Nervous System, and Body Chemistry. Our Entire Physical System is a reflection of our beliefs. 

How To Reprogram?

  Being Your Grand Self Online Program guides you through easy and fun steps where you'll literally be changing the expression of your genes, DNA, neurology, along with your entire system for the better, creating coherency in your heart, brain and system. In this heightened state of being, you unlock more of your potential. 

The Physics Of Beliefs

*This image represents the heart and brain in a coherent state

Science has proven that the heart produces the strongest electric and magnetic field, far more powerful than the brain.

 According to research from Heart Math Institute, your predominant state of being, your beliefs, actually change matter. 

Every aspect of your life is made up of matter.  We know that the physical universe, your body, and all matter, all material form, is made up of atoms. The Stark Effect in physics refers to how when you change the field around the atom, you change the atom.

   This means that everything in your life, since it's made up of atoms is following orders from the field of consciousness. The field of consciousness is your beliefs. You have to know how to change them, and this is precisely what Being Your Grand Self Online Program guides you to do. 

In Other Words, Changing Your Beliefs Leads To Numerous Benefits

Results You May Expect...

(Reported From People Using The Tools & Techniques In Being Your Grand Self Online Program)


Your Next Level

No matter how many trainings and courses you have taken, Being Your Grand Self Online Program can take you to your next level.  

 It provides a powerful system that builds habits that lead to the fulfillment of your dreams and the highest success imaginable. 

Your Key

You will learn how to easily enter deep beneficial and rejuvenating brainwave states of meditation that train you how to influence every atom in your life.

Your Birthright Is To Thrive

 Being Your Grand Self Online Program is a system that integrates practical application easily into your life so that fulfilling your dreams can become a reality for you too. 

Yes, The Program Can Work For You Too!

Being Your Grand Self Online Program can work for all situations & circumstances. Regardless of your current situation, applying this powerful online program can transform every area of your life. By following the step-by-step system, you can achieve the results you are looking for. The system can be directed towards whatever you want. You can use the online course program for what matters most to you. There are no limits, but you have to put in effort to apply the knowledge. 

Easy To Use

Being Your Grand Self Online Program is super easy to use and you are guided every step of the way. Simply login, and the entire course is there, all in one easy place. Incorporating the program into your daily life is simple and pleasurable. You don't have to know anything about technology to benefit from the program. If you know how to get on the internet, then you already know all you need to know to use the program.

Designed For Your Busy Lifestyle

No matter how busy you are, this amazing program integrates easily into your life. As you utilize this powerful program you will actually find that you have more time and energy. 

Lasting & Permanent Results

With Being Your Grand Self Online Program, you learn to reprogram the subconscious mind and create tangible and meaningful results in your life that are lasting and permanent. 

"The Transformational program by James A Sinclair is just that, TRANSFORMATIONAL! The moment it began, I could tell that my life was going to change. From the lessons and exercises to the techniques within the program itself, I have managed to add to the growing number of tools and methods at my disposal to effectively coach my clients and help them overcome their limitations. I will forever be grateful to James for his investment into my business and my life." 

-Karen L. Walker, CEO, The KLW Project Group, LLC - San Antonio, Texas & close friend to James A Sinclair

"I overcame cancer by changing my diet, but most importantly, by changing my habitual thoughts about myself that were the cause of my 'dis-ease'!  My outer reality looks and feels very different because I changed my energy.  I am witnessing my reality reflect my upgraded self-image." 

-Mary, James A Sinclair's Mom

"I didn't think it was possible to change in a matter of minutes, but ALL the pain went away instantly. I had a chest pain for over 20 years that no one knew what it was or how to help. I became empowered to realize that the root cause of my emotional and physical suffering was a belief I was holding about myself. Now my experience shows me that change can happen fast and with ease. I feel such unconditional love flowing in and through me. I'm writing about this in the Sarasota Newspaper." 

-Kelly, Yoga Teacher, Florida


Change can happen fast in this program!

 This program is intended for those truly ready for a major breakthrough and who want to actualize more of their limitless potential!   

I want to ensure that this program is a right fit for you. You might be comfortable in your limitations because it feels familiar. This program is for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone into their greatness and transform their limited identity. The powerful methods in this program can rapidly dissolve the limitations that your small self is built upon.  

To change means you literally become a new person...nuerologically, psychologically, biologically, and in every way. You become more of the real you, the greater you, your Grand Self!  

Are you really ready for a quantum change?

*Compatible With All Devices

 So...If You're Ready To Be More of Your Grand Self ...

Here's What To Do Next:

Step 1. Click the 'Buy Now' Button (below) for instant access.

Step 2. Watch the videos and read through the material for each lesson. Everything is all in one easy to access location for you.   

Step 3. Follow the step-by-step lessons including guided meditations, techniques and exercises...and begin actualizing more of your infinite potential right away.  

*You can do the program anywhere because the program comes with you, wherever you're connected to the internet, and works with all devices.   



Harmonize More With Source Energy Now: 

Health: Stronger Immune System, Anti-Aging Benefits, Lower Blood Pressure, Drastically Decreased Stress, Improved Cellular Health, Improved Heart Rate,  Being Your Ideal Weight,  Improved Skin Tone & Overall Beauty,  Improved Sleep, Increased Energy,  Be More Radiant & Alive, Achieve Perfect Health

Relationships: Attract Your Ideal Mate, Increased Compassion, Increased Unconditional Love, Increased Self Love, Feel More Connected To Your Source

Spiritual:  Meditate More Deeply & Profoundly, Raise Your Life-Force Energy Safely, Reduced Appetite, Increased Inner Peace & Joy, Experience Alpha Brain Waves, Experience Theta Brain Waves, Enter Gamma (Superconsciousness), Reach Higher Levels of Enlightenment

Psychological: Dissolve Unwanted & Limiting Beliefs, Feel Your True Self, The Unlimited You, Freedom From Mental Disorders, Freedom From Depression, Increased Levels Of Joy & Peace, Clear Past Trauma, Pain & Suffering

Financial:  Achieve Financial Well-Being, Manifest Your Biggest Financial Goals, Fulfill Your Humanitarian Vision, Live The Life You Know You Deserve


How is this different from other courses and programs?

Perhaps you've been taught, that in order to manifest, all you have to do is visualize on what you want, and voila, you have it? Have you been told to only focus on the positive and ignore the 'negative' thoughts and feelings? Are you tired of many law of attraction/manifestation courses, books and programs that rehash the others, promise the world, yet don't bring results? Have you been told that you need to root out every single trauma through emotionally painful release techniques? Being Your Grand Self Online Program is a completely different kind of program that is 100% based on science and fact. It takes you, step-by-step, through the lessons, exercises and techniques that have been proven scientifically to actualize more of your limitless potential.

I have many problems, can this program really help me?

Absolutely! Your terrors, fears, problems and 'negative' feelings have something to tell you. If you resist them, they persist and get worse. If you welcome them, you will discover they bring gifts that lead to the fulfillment of your goals, dreams and ideals. Problems arise to help you express what's highest in you, but most people don't know that, or if they do, they don't know how to overcome them. Being Your Grand Self Online Program walks you, step-by-step, through the fields where most people fail to realize their heart's desires. You are supported every step of the way.

Does this program really work?

Yes! Many of the law of attraction/manifestation books and programs offer effective tools and techniques but fall short on bringing you the results because they're not based on science and fact. Also, often they don't include a proven step-by-step system where you can integrate and apply the tools and techniques into your daily life. You can expect to experience real measurable results if you're willing apply the program, as directed. The methods and techniques contained within the course have been scientifically proven to work, and thousands of people have changed their lives for the better in countless ways.  However, you do have to apply the knowledge, and the course shows you how.

This sounds too good to be true?

Unfortunately, most people in the world have been conditioned to believe that living separate from our source is normal.  It may be common but its definitely not normal.  Living our Magnificence is possible for everyone because that's who we truly are, but most of humanity doesn't even know it's possible. Others simply don't believe it's possible or think it's too good to be true.

Many people don't understand how we live in a changeable holographic universe that has fundamental laws and principles. Due to lack of knowledge, most people are recreating the same life over and over unconsciously. Some give up during the process of change. Many people quit just before the breakthrough.

Being Your Grand Self Online Program guides you to overcome your blocks, fears, and skepticism, until you prove it for yourself.

If you still don't believe it's possible to have all you want in life please watch What If? The Movie. This award-winning documentary contains profound scientific breakthroughs and shows what's possible. We also recommend educating yourself on the latest science. Institutions on average are generally seven years behind, so you have to look beyond. In the beginning modules and lessons of the Being Your Grand Self Online Program itself also goes over the science of why and how its possible to change every area of your life.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Approximately 6 Weeks.  The average course participant takes between 1 to 2 weeks to work through the knowledge section, and then there is a 4 week section where you will be applying and practicing the knowledge.  Applying the knowledge is what brings results.  

This sounds like a 'magic pill,' is it?

Definitely not!  The knowledge contained within the course will never bring you the results that you're looking for until you apply the knowledge into your daily life, and continue to apply it until you see the results.

Should I choose to go monthly or purchase lifetime access? 

That's entirely up to you.  Some people may experience the results they were looking for in just one month, while others like to own it so they always have it to go back to and review.  The course really gives you the support you need to make the transformations you're looking for.  Some people who have experienced a transformation quickly, still use the course for further transformation.  We do recommend you watch the material over and over as this helps impress your subconscious mind for easier change.

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 Hi, I'm James A Sinclair, and if you've seen my movie, you know how I felt very stuck in my life and I tried everything I could to change.

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